Graduate Resumes: 5 tips for an effective Graduate Resume
Nowadays, finding the right job can be very difficult, especially for fresh graduates. Competition in the global market is getting tougher. Many companies are looking for someone with proven ability and experience. With this in mind, how can fresh graduates increase their chance of getting more job offers and being hired? 

An essential part of finding a job for a Graduate is writing a compelling Resume. It is an important method of marketing oneself, and therefore should be written in a manner to attract more hiring managers and recruiters.

Consider these essential tops for writing an effective Graduate resume:

1. Identify and quantify your accomplishments. Most hiring managers and recruiters look for people who have attributes that will meet their immediate needs. As such, be sure to include and highlight accomplishments that will enable you to market yourself.

Great examples of accomplishments to include in a Graduate Resume are:

  • Did you receive a great mark for an end of year project? Were you the team leader?
  • Were you awarded honours?
  • Did you complete an internship or practical placement in the field while still studying?

2. Put the most recent and important information first. Whether it be your knowledge, skills, abilities, accomplishments, or previous work experience, it is important to write the most recent and important ones first. The recruiters eye will be drawn to these first.

3. Keep it short. Ensure that you keep your resume short (no more than two to four pages in length). Hiring managers and recruiters don’t spend long sorting Resumes into ‘keep’ and ‘discard’ piles and they are not interested in rambling epics. Keep it short, and make sure that you make the short-list.

4. Keep it simple. Choose a basic style format for your resume. Your Resume is an opportunity to show that you are professional and have good written communication skills. A well-presented resume will convey this message. Fancy fonts and creative formatting will only distract from your message.

5. Proofread your resume! Then get someone else to proofread it. Careless mistakes can have a big impact, make sure that you eliminate them. There would be nothing worse that careless spelling and grammar mistakes letting you down after all the work that you have done to complete your qualifications!