How to Write a Cover Letter that gets noticed is easy if you follow the outline described here. You also need to write without too much emotion in your Cover Letter. Stick with the hard facts that the Employer is more interested in. For example, avoid using highly emotive words such as ‘I have a passion for…’ ‘I am highly motivated’ ‘it has always been a dream’ etc..etc.. Instead focus your Cover Letter on what the Employer wants to hear. They want to know about your qualifications, number of years of experience, what jobs and skills you have performed that are relevant, and anything else that relates to the job you are applying for. Keep your content relevant. Outlined below is a great outline on How to Write a Cover Letter that will achieve this, and get you noticed by Employers for all the right reasons.

Number 1 Rule of Cover Letters – Address Your Letter to the Employer

ALWAYs always always take the time to address your Cover Letter to the company you are applying to. This sounds so obvious, but so many people do not do it. They simply write one Cover Letter without any details at the top, and send the same letter to every job. Employers hate this! It shows that you do not care about the organisation, do not pay attention to detail, and worst of all that you are probably not that interested in the job!

How to Write a Cover Letter: the Cover letter Structure

Your Cover letter should be approximately 5 short paragraphs long.


Qualifications and Years of Experience – 1st Paragraph

The first paragraph in your Cover Letter should state what your Qualifications are, and how many years of relevant experience that you have.


About Your Current or Most Recent Job – 2nd Paragraph

Tell the employer what you are doing now i.e. where you are working and what the role entails, trying to include the key tasks that align with the requirements of the job that you are applying for. If you are currently unemployed, describe what you did in your most recent job.


Your Skills, matched to the Skills in the Advertised Job – 3rd Paragraph

– highlight what skills you have that are important to the role you are applying for e.g. excellent ability to plan, strong communication skills, ability to meet and exceed sales targets, etc…


Other Training and Skills relevant to the Job – 4th Paragraph

Do you have any additional training or skills that are relevant to the job that can be mentioned?

  • If you are a Tradie, you should highlight the tickets and licences that may be required for the job.
  • If you are an Office Worker, you may want to mention the software that you are highly proficient in using.
  • If you are a Teacher or Nurse you may want to mention recent professional development training that you have undertaken.


Summary – 5th paragraph

This is where you summarise the Cover Letter. You may want to mention why this role appeals to you, and recap of the key skills that you can offer. Finally, sign off with a couple of generic sentences such as ‘Please find attached a copy of my Resume. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my suitability for the above advertised role’.


What Sign off should you use on the Cover Letter?

We recommend signing off with Kind Regards or Regards. Do not use Yours Truly or Yours Sincerely, both of which are very dated nowadays!