Why you MUST have a Linkedin Profile!!!

Do you have a Linkedin Profile? Research shows that 87% of Recruiters use Linkedin to look for candidates. If you are not on Linkedin they cannot find you!!!


Linkedin has become an Online Resume of sorts. It has replaced the need to collect piles of business cards, and is in effect an online business card repository. However, it is much more than a Business Card. Linkedin connects you with career opportunities. Did you know that you can even apply for jobs directly on Linkedin? With a well-written profile summary, you can use your Linkedin Profile to attract job offers.


If you are looking for a new job you simply MUST get yourself onto Linkedin. If you are not already on Linkedin, you will be amazed at how many people you know are already in there once you decide to sign up (it is free!). Once you have signed in, finding your Connections is simply a matter of synching with your email contacts, and selecting those you would like to link with.


Connections are a like having a collection of Business Cards, except that they don’t get lost. Over time, you can keep adding to your connections. Extending your network is of great benefit when you are looking for a new job. However, before you add Connections, you have to setup your profile so that once you connect, your connections can read all about you.


To get setup you will need to add the following content as a bare minimum:

  • A Photo – research indicates that those with photos gather more connections and people are more likely to reach out and contact you.
  • Profile Summary – this is a summary of your career, and it is ESSENTIAL that this upsells your best qualities, and includes industry keywords that will ensure you turn up in Employer/Recruiter search results.
  • A recent employment history. How much is included here depends entirely on what stage of your career you are currently at. We can provide you with this advice, or even set it up for you if you decide to select one of our Linkedin Writing Packages.
  • Your Qualifications – don’t keep them guessing, if you have qualifications they MUST be included.


There are many other areas on Linkedin to explore such as joining groups, getting recommendations and much more. However, we recommend setting yourself up ‘express style’ then work on the rest over time. The most important thing is to GET ON Linkedin and NOW!!!!

What are you waiting for?! Get on Linkedin today. If you need help getting set up, contact us and we can set you up with a professional Linkedin Profile that will get you noticed.