Mining Jobs – Our Top 4 Resume Tips to land a job in Mining or Construction!!

Number 1 Tip for Mining Job Resume! Your Qualifications and Tickets…

Trade qualifications, tickets and licences must be clearly listed and on the FIRST page of your Resume. Don’t leave employers guessing, make it easy for them to see what you have to offer! These should be on the first page of your Resume and listed in a clear and easy to read format.

Number 2: All Mining jobs go hand in hand with Mine Site Inductions

Have you done several mine site inductions? Make sure that they are listed too. If you have already worked on a site, recruiters will be more likely to select you again.

Number 3: Mining jobs require a strong commitment to Safety on Site

Safety on mine sites is very important. Have you described any of your safety related tasks? Make sure that every job has at least one item in relation to safety. Resumes that demonstrate a commitment to safety perform strongly. Use acronyms such as OHS, WHS and SWMS so that Resume Scanning Software will pick these up.

Number 4 – Can you Start Straight Away?

Are you available for an immediate start? This is definitely worth including as often employers want to plug a skills gap quickly. This will give you an advantage over other applicants that are required to give a 4 week notice period. So, if you are available straight away this will definitely work in your favour! Be sure to let them know, both in your Cover Letter and in the Objective in your Resume.


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