Teacher’s Resumes and AITSL Cover Letters

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Teacher’s Resume and AITSL Cover Letter

Our Resumes and Cover Letters for Teachers comprehensively encompass the AITSL standards within the 3 domains of Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice, and Professional Engagement.

AITSL Cover Letters are custom written and examples from your career are used to explain how you meet the criteria. Cover Letter are a maximum of 4 pages as per the Department of Education guidelines.

We are the only Perth Resume Writing Service providing a package specifically for Teachers. Please be advised that due to the large amount of time that it takes to prepare each AITSL Cover Letter, this service has a limited capacity each week.

Teacher’s Resume & AITSL Cover Letter

Includes Resume &
AITSL Cover Letter
Delivered 4-5 days


  • $449 Graduates
  • $549 Mid Career
  • $649 Senior Teacher and leadership roles

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