Nursing Resume / CV and Selection Criteria

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Nursing Resume / CV and Selection Criteria writing

We are highly experienced at writing Nursing Resumes, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria responses for Registered Nurses and all Health Professionals including Doctors, Enrolled Nurses, Patient Care Assistants and Community Support Workers.


Package 1: Nursing Resume, Cover Letter AND Nursing Selection Criteria $449.00*

Package 2: Standard Nursing Resume and Cover Letter (no Selection Criteria) $199.00

Package 3: Long/complex Nursing Resume and Cover Letter (no Selection Criteria) $299.00


No other Perth based Resume Writer is offering specialised packages for Nursing Resumes and the Health sector!

Nurse Resume and Selection Criteria

Includes Resume, Cover Letter, Selection Criteria (optional)
Delivered 2-5 days


  • Nurses Standard Resume and Cover Letter $199
  • Nurses Complex/Long Resume and Cover Letter $299
  • Nursing Resume, Cover Letter and Selection Criteria $449

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